While dialogue says a lot, your character’s body can say more.

Here are 5 things to consider with body language:

  1. Use body language to add depth to your dialogue.
  2. More than 50% of human communication is non-verbal.
  3. It shows how your character’s emotions affect his actions.
  4. It helps to show rather than tell.
  5. Use it in moderation. If overused, it can slow your story down.

Some examples of emotions portrayed through body language:

Impatience – nod quickly, tap fingers, sigh, check the clock, tap feet, increase pitch in voice, look away

Jealousy – tight lips, sour expression, narrow eyes, crossed arms

Reluctance – cross arms, make fists, drag feet, pinch nose, put hands over ears

Shock – hands over mouth, mouth open, gasp, freeze and stare with wide eyes and raised eyebrows, smack palm against forehead, step back



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