We all have our special ways of doing things. Our habits, our favorite patterns, and our rituals.

In writing, it’s no different. Think about what you want your writing ritual to look like. Do you read a passage from a particularly well-written book right before you sit down to write to set the tone?

Maybe you light a candle, or incense, or open a window after a summer rain to inspire your senses. Do you like bright light or a soft light when you sit down to write?

Do you play music when you write?

I like a bright light over my keyboard, no music, it needs to be absolutely quiet for me.

Where is your most comfortable place to write? Sitting at your computer? Curled up in an overstuffed chair with a laptop? Maybe sitting on a lawn chair with a pen and legal pad. Find your most comfortable place to write.

Make sure you have everything you need so that once you get on a roll you don’t have to stop to go get something. Have your water, or wine, or whatever helps you write the best. I’ve found one drink when I sit down helps shut out the clutter from the day that’s rattling around the edges of my mind. It relaxes me just enough that it takes off the edge and frees me to WRITE!

Once you start, don’t stop. Just keep writing until you’re finished. Don’t worry about edits or polish, that all comes later. The most important part is getting the story down.

And if you do write a little buzzed, that’s okay. Just make sure you edit sober!

Rituals can come in all sizes and shapes. Maybe you have a lucky hat you need to wear when you write. Or a lucky pen you write with. Maybe there’s only one chair in the room that is next to the window and under a ceramic angel on the wall, that is your creative spot.

Whatever it is, find your ritual and stick to it. And write!

Sherry Briscoe, Gypsy Writer


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