It’s scary out there in the literary jungle of platforms, social media, book stores, book signing events, traditional and independent publishing. Even an agent isn’t going to save you.

Here’s a mini-course on book marketing. Anything that we can whittle down to baby steps becomes easier naturally. No difference here.

  1. Don’t try to do it all at once. Do three things to market your book each day. Set aside five to ten minutes a day to do these three things. And your three things don’t have to be substantial. They can be as simple as sending a ‘thank you’ note.
  2. Create incentive. Run a promotion on your social media and offer a prize to one lucky winner. Maybe a free book? An amazon gift card? They can become eligible by writing a review on amazon, sharing your book post on their social media and tagging you with a special code for you to follow it.
  3. Reach out to at least one author in your genre. Networking helps you remain current on what others are also doing in your market.
  4. Keep your website fresh by adding book reviews and other relevant content. Make sure your branding of yourself and your website fit the type of readers you want to reach.
  5. Post a comment on the blog of another author that has a similar fan base.
  6. Send a thank you note. Anyone and everyone who has done anything to further your writing career (from a book reviewer to a book seller) deserves a personal thanks.
  7. Join writing groups, critique groups, and / or book clubs. I belong to all three! is one of Idaho’s most complete organizations for writers of all levels.
  8. Donate books to your local library. And make sure they’re autographed!
  9. Organize your own events to promote your books. I always have a book release party downtown in some hot spot. They’re very successful.

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