Character refers to the essence of who anyone is on the inside. Is he or she a good person or a bad person? A fighter or a wimp?

Character is the spirit of that person. Writing strong characterization is important.

List some traits for your protagonist. For your antagonist. For supporting characters.

  • lazy
  • energetic
  • in-your-face
  • quiet, shy
  • invisible
  • intrusive
  • kind
  • selfish
  • egotistical
  • insecure
  • scared
  • trusting
  • inspiring to those around them
  • a teacher
  • a student of life
  • religious
  • sarcastic
  • insulting
  • appreciative
  • patronizing
  • inquisitive
  • studious
  • loving
  • So much to choose from! What is the spirit of your characters?

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