Being a part of a writing group, in my mind, is a crucial part of the creative process. We need feedback and input from other writers. But creating or joining a writing group is not enough.

First, you have to find one that you click with. You need to be benefiting from the group, as well as contributing. If you’re in a group that doesn’t energize and help you – leave it. And you can be a part of one or many writing groups at one time.

One of the most important elements of having a healthy writing group is having consistent, regular meetings that are scheduled at a time that works for most of the writers involved.

You don’t need officers, but you do need someone who organizes the meetings, and facilitates them. This person generally keeps everything on track and can stop the whole group from going too far off topic.

Clear, outlined parameters of what the group does and doesn’t do are important. Go with what works best for the members of your group. Schedule who submits how much and when.

Make sure you are getting valuable feedback from the group. After all, that’s what it’s all about. Getting and giving feedback!

Sherry Briscoe


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