Getting feedback from your editor, or critique partners can bring a mixed bag of emotions.

You need the feedback to know what you’re doing right and wrong. What’s good, and what needs to be changed. But sometimes it’s also hard not to take it personal.

Repeat after me “They’re critiquing my writing – not me!”

And just because someone doesn’t like the way you wrote, or didn’t write something, doesn’t mean you have to change it. It’s just their opinion. Remember that too! It’s just their OPINION.

Sift through all the comments, use what you can, and throw out the rest. No one, not even your editor, expects you to make every single change they suggest. Always give yourself time to digest other’s comments. Don’t rush into making changes right away.

And save old drafts, just in case you decide the changes don’t really work.

Sherry Briscoe































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